HTC Sends HTC One To Man Whose Life Was Saved By Bullet Stopping Cellphone

Just the other day, a story made its way around the Internet that involved a man reportedly being saved by his cellphone as it was able to stop a bullet that was fired at him from a fleeing criminal. The cellphone the gas station attendant was carrying was an HTC EVO 3D, which we now know is strong enough to stop a bullet, and as a result of his incredible story, HTC has decided to do something special for him.

HTC tweeted out a photo of a “Glad You’re OK” care package, which included their flagship HTC One along with several accessories including the device’s official car dock, an HTC laptop bag, an on-the-go charging device as well as a mug featuring the company’s “Hipster Troll Carwash” character.

The photo was also accompanied by the message “If anybody deserves a new #HTCOne, it’s this guy.” We certainly couldn’t agree more with HTC as if one of their previously released smartphones is not only to stop a bullet, but also save someone’s life in the process, then we think sending them a care package with your latest, and possibly greatest, device is the least they could do. This is certainly a nice gesture from HTC that the gas station attendant will most likely never forget.

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