mind-reading-darpaTelepathy, now that is certainly a kind of power that we would love to have. As a guy, I sometimes end up with this blank look on my face, wondering just what went wrong with my conversation with the missus. It is moments like those that I wished I could read her mind so that everything would end up hunky dory. No matter, at least it is an opportunity to make sure that things can be patched up, and that normally means a lovely evening dinner outside. A Stanford scientist has discovered a way to ‘eavesdrop’ on the human brain, but it does involve temporarily removing a part of a patient’s skull while inserting a packet of electrodes along the way.

Right now, this particular research is obviously still in its infancy, and the technolog has only been used experimentally on a trio of patients, but neurologists over at Stanford claim that they are officially able to eavesdrop on the human brain in real-life situations, and not clinical ones. Apart from that, the new method of recording brain activity would also pave the way for future devices to be able to read, and more frighteningly, manipulate the mind. Hopefully we will see such advancements in medical technology used for altruistic purposes and not to have it hijacked by some quarters with nefarious intentions.

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