If you have a small pet, such as a hamster, then you know how important it is for them to get their daily dose of exercise in so they don’t get mistaken for a guinea pig. Hamster and hamster wheels go together like hamsters and plastic water bottles with a small ball at the end and food pellets, but we’re sure there are those of you out there who would prefer to live more like a hamster and less like a human. A good first step would be to pick up a human-sized hamster wheel, which coincidentally you can find in Brooklyn, NY.

The human-sized hamster wheel was posted on Craigslist by Sandra Z. Zzz and is available completely for free for anyone who actually wants something like this in their home. If you decide you need a human-sized hamster wheel in your home, Sandra will also give you 50 pounds of shredded newspaper along with your free aerobic machine.

The wheel can accommodate up to 200 lbs, although be careful as Sandra reports the human-sized hamster wheel has ruined his social life. Just remember just because you live like a hamster, doesn’t mean you can live like one. That means all of your bodily wastes still need to go in the toilet and not in a corner of your apartment.

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