Heart disease has become a big problem for several years now that can become a silent killer if its effects aren’t caught early enough. IBM is hoping it can help predict heart disease before doctor’s are able to, which would make prevention much easier, by teaming up with Sutter Health and Geisinger Health Systems to use big data analytics to detect the signs of heart disease years earlier than what’s possible with today’s technology.

The research started back in 2009 and uses a patients’ electronic health records to use data such as demographics, medical history and medication to find common signals that could possibly lead to heart disease. If things go according to IBM’s plan, these methods will hopefully be integrated into primary care, which could help make it easier for doctors to predict which patients have a higher risk of contracting heart disease than others.

IBM’s Shahram Ebadollahi, who is leading the project, sums up the research in a press release sent out today:

“By pairing IBM’s expertise in Big Data analytics with the domain knowledge and data of our healthcare partners this project will result in the development of new analytic algorithms for more accurate detection of the early onset of heart failure.”

Now go outside and get your heart pumping so you won’t need the help of this research anytime soon.

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