Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade 3 was released back in September, meaning that the game has been around for a little over a month now. While the game’s graphics might not be a huge leap over its predecessor, it does come with a few improvements that feels more like a polish rather than a dramatic upgrade. In any case if you are done with the game or have gotten a bit bored of the grind, Chair has revealed that an update will be headed your way come 31st of October which will introduce a new campaign. The update has been dubbed the Soul Hunter and will introduce a new end boss dubbed Oslim, a Level 100 Deathless Bloodmage who wields dual Infinity Blades and has been sent by the Worker of Secrets to put a cramp in Siris and Isa’s plans.

Apart from the introduction of a new campaign, the update will also introduce new armor sets to the game for both Siris and Isa, additional exploratory quests, holiday helmets starting with the Pumpkin helmet given that its release is on Halloween, along with a bunch of other fixes, balances, and various improvements that will hopefully help enhance the game’s experience. Infinity Blade 3 is expected to be last installment in the Infinity Blade trilogy but hopefully the updates with additional content will keep coming at a steady pace. In the meantime you can check out the video above for a preview of the upcoming update.

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