IntelLogo1The folks over at Intel have just confirmed that their brand new Broadwell PC chips, which we talked about might just make an appearance in future Surface devices, could be facing a production delay of up to three months. CEO Brian Krzanich claims that these next-generation processors will launch at the bare minimum, a quarter later than expected. This delay has been attributed to “technical difficulties”. The Broadwell PC chips were originally designated to take over the Intel Core i5 Haswell processors as the flagship CPU, where it will obviously be faster than before, and of course bring along with it a new level of energy efficiency that has not been seen before.

Intel also hoped that their continuous refinements and upgrades would be able to move the PC and laptop markets along, resuscitating it to the “good old days”. After all, when the world of tablet PCs and smartphones became mainstream, the laptop and desktop markets started to see its sales figures drop, which is why getting the Broadwell PC chips out as soon as possible might just be the catalyst required to get things moving. Which is your main computing device of choice these days? Do yo tend to do more work on the tablet than on a notebook or desktop?

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