Apple’s iOS 7 operating system for mobile devices was unveiled in the middle of the year during Apple’s WWDC 2013 event. While the update was a long overdue redesign of the operating system’s overall look and feel, there were many who criticized it, claiming it looked too cartoony, and that the gradient effects for some of the app icons looked “cheap”. While we’re pretty sure this is not how Apple went about designing iOS 7, YouTuber Vaclav Krejci seems to believe that iOS 7’s home screen can actually be recreated using nothing more than Microsoft Word and some clever manipulation and an extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s word processing software.

In the video above, Krejci shows how to recreate iOS 7’s home screen using various tools in Microsoft Word, and based on what we can see in the sped up version of the entire process, it is mind boggling just how many similarities iOS 7’s design has with some of the tools offered in Microsoft Word. If anything, this video lends credence to the detractors and critics’ claims of iOS 7 being cheap and cartoony, and to a certain extent we can’t help but agree after watching this video. In any case we’re guessing this video was meant to be more informative and funny rather than a criticism, but if you have some time to spare, you will definitely want to check this out.

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