Apple iPad Mini ReviewWhen we interact with our smartphones or tablets, we don’t really notice how long it takes for an app or action to happen once we touch it as the response time is usually in milliseconds, but for those who are curious as to which tablet has the fastest touchscreen, well the folks at Agawi have decided to find out themselves by running several tests, with the results coming back and deciding that Apple’s iPad mini hash the fastest touchscreen of all the popular tablets out there in the market today.

According to their results, the iPad mini had an average response time of 75 milliseconds. Coming in second would be the fourth-gen iPad with a response time of 81 milliseconds, followed by the NVIDIA Shield console with 92 milliseconds. Next would be the Microsoft Surface RT, the Kindle Fire HD (2013 edition), the Nexus 7, and finally the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Like we said, for the most part the average user probably would not be able to tell the difference between the delays, but for those who are concerned about the numbers and love benchmarks, we guess the iPad mini is the clear winner, something to think about the next time you’re deciding on which tablet to get.

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