RhinoThe poaching of rhinos and elephants and other animals is getting out of control, with poachers being more concerned about making profits now, as opposed to thinking about the future and how their actions could potentially wipe out entire species of animals. Well thanks to the World Wildlife Fund, they will be donating more than 1,000 microchips to Kenya which will then be implanted into rhino horns which will hopefully help to deter poachers, as well as allow officials to track the already fragile rhino population. The idea behind the microchips is to deter poachers and to allow officials to track the horns if they were indeed sawed off the rhinos after they have been hunted and killed.

While the latter is more reactionary than precautionary, they will allow the seized horns to be traced back to animals as well as areas from which they were taken, allowing authorities to perhaps ramp up the security in a particular area. According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, “Investigators will be able to link any poaching case to a recovered or confiscated horn, and this forms crucial evidence in court, contributing towards the prosecution’s ability to push for sentencing of a suspected rhino criminal.” The 1,000 microchips and five scanners that were donated were estimated to be around $15,000 in value.

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