lg-logo-001-640x480We had heard the rumors that Samsung could be planning to launch a smartphone with a curved display later this month, along with the possibility of a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone with a flexible display as well, although we’re not sure if it could be the same device. However it looks like LG could be beating them to it because according to leaked information recently obtained by ZDNet, it looks like LG has a flexible display phone in the works that could be known as the LG Z. Given that both LG and Samsung are rivals when it comes to a variety of electronics, such as displays, televisions, smartphones, household products, and etc., it is not surprising to think that LG could be working on flexible displays as well.

According to the rumor, the LG Z is apparently already in production and could be launched as soon this this month. Of course the entire device itself will not be flexible, since other components of the phone will need to be flexible as well, but what this means is that bezels could be made thinner, and because the display is flexible, it could be harder to break, making shattered screens a less common occurrence. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but we are definitely interested in seeing the sort of possibilities that flexible displays could bring to the table.

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