ricoh_gr_digital_ltd-550x350Cameras are typically released in rather boring finishes and are usually of the black variety, but then again we guess photographers might be more interested in how it performs rather than how it looks, right? However if you fancy yourself a bit of a fashionista and would like your camera to look as good as you, you’re in luck as Ricoh as recently announced a limited edition GR camera that may or may not be right up your alley. As expected with most, if not all, special/limited edition camera releases, the hardware under the hood will remain the same, with the main difference being its look.

In the case of the GR camera, Ricoh has given it a new color, a “stylish” green, wave-patterned body, with a silver shutter button and ring cap. It will also get a redesigned camera grip which is now in black and will come with a glossy, wood-grain finish. The lens ring of the camera will be diamond-engraved with the GR product name, and the entire package will come with exclusive accessories that include a lens hood and adapter, and a brown, genuine leather case and strap. This limited edition Ricoh GR camera will be made available mid-November 2013 for the UK and will be priced at £699.99 and will be limited to 5,000 units worldwide.

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