Microsoft logoThe folks over at Microsoft are as good as their word, as they have paid out the promised $100,000 to a UK security researcher who managed to discover methods to get around the myriad of security defenses that have been built into Windows 8.1 Preview, which is the most recent version of Redmond’s operating system. The recipient of this bounty happens to be a certain James Forshaw, who is also head of vulnerability research at Context Information Security during his day job.

Earlier this year in June, Microsoft introduced a trio of bounty programs which would reward researchers who have managed to successfully discover new techniques that are capable of bypassing built-in OS mitigations and protections, the various defenses that were supposed to stop those bypasses in the first place, as well as discovery of vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 11 Preview. So far, Microsoft has already paid out up to $28,000 to half a dozen security researchers who managed to report 15 different bugs in the preview release of Internet Explorer 11, and Forshaw was one of them, which means his grand total of money collected from Microsoft now stands at $109,400.

Only after Microsoft has come up with a security fix for this flaw that Forshaw discovered will they detail it, so right now, it is all a very hush hush operation.

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