microsoft_webapps_ikeaIf there’s one thing that the Windows Phone platform lacks it would be apps. While there are developers who are creating decent third-party alternatives to some popular apps, such as Instagram, there are some apps that lack even third-party alternatives. However it looks like Microsoft is attempting to do something about it and apart from courting developers with attractive bonuses and support, Microsoft has since started to offer official apps under the developer “Microsoft WebApps”. Basically these apps aren’t native Windows Phone apps, but rather mobile webpages that have been redesigned and repackaged as a web app.

While this will more or less address the problem of lack of apps, presumably these web apps will not have the same features and functionality that one might expect from a native Windows Phone app. However if you’re after official apps for your banks or favorite websites, such as or TMZ, then we guess you’re in luck. We expect that users would most likely prefer a native app for their Windows Phone device but for now this will have to do, although this is hardly a permanent or a long-term solution, but what do you guys think? Is this a decent effort by Microsoft nonetheless?

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