Microsoft released the first official commercial for the Xbox One last month at the start of this year’s football season. The commercial was a bit surprising as Microsoft showed a number of features of the Xbox One, although playing video games on the console wasn’t one of them. A brand-new commercial for the Xbox One has just hit the Internet, and it finally highlights it’s ability to play video games.

The new Xbox One commercial, titled “Invitation,” shows multiple scenes where people’s every day lives are made better through the intervention of the Xbox One. In one scene, a man is in the middle of a presentation, when a Titan from Titanfall crashes into his office to invite him into its cockpit.

The commercial has multiple scenes of this nature, although they’re not all gaming related as one scene invites a woman to watch Star Trek Into Darkness while another invites a soccer fan right into the middle of a match. There certainly were more gaming-related scenes as there were two additional moments where a race car invites someone driving to get inside, while another scene includes a zombie inviting what looks to be a college student to play on the Xbox One.

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