firefox101Mozilla does not only make web browsers, but they also happen to be part of the mobile operating system scene, just in case you were wondering. After all, Mozilla has just ensured (in their own mind at least) that their smartphone operating system has taken yet another major step in the journey of being competitive, although the Firefox-powered handset (manufactured by the folks over at ZTE) is far from impressive where its hardware specifications are concerned.


Well, Mozilla has introduced Firefox OS 1.1, where this particular updated model will arrive with a bunch of exciting new features including support for push notifications as well as MMS messaging, which would allow one to be able to send as well as receive files such as photos, videos, and other formats over a simple text message. Apart from that, you are now also able to download images, audio, and video with the web browser alone. How far more do you think Mozilla will have to play catch up with other smartphone platforms?

It does seem to be a losing battle for the folks over at Mozilla in the long run, as it will definitely take something extra special from Mozilla to last the distance against the likes of Android, iOS, and perhaps even Windows Phone.

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