Facial hair is something the majority of men are both gifted and cursed with as many of us can take a quick nap to find a full bush sitting above our upper lip, while there are those who have tried for several years, but can’t even achieve a short stubble. That’s why Istanbul, Turkey has become the hot spot if you want to obtain a mustache implant.

Cosmetic surgeons in Turkey have been offering mustache implants for several years, but they have started to gain in popularity just recently, according to surgeons and tourism agencies. Men from the Middle East, Europe and Asia have been heading to Istanbul in order to achieve the hairy upper lip they’ve been longing for.

The procedure to receive a mustache implant costs up to $5000 and requires the patient to only be put under local anesthesia. Once they’re numbed up, cosmetic surgeons perform a follicle-hair extraction, which involves the doctors removing clusters of hair from different parts of the body to implant them along the lip or cheeks.

Mustache implants have become so popular, tourism agencies have started to offer “transplant packages” where they combine a mustache implant with a shopping vacation in Istanbul. Sounds like quite a lovely time, if you ask me.

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