neo900It feels as though it is a long time ago when the Nokia N900 was released, and back then, Nokia was pretty much a big player in the mobile phone business still, at least not in a position of where it is today. Those were the days when Nokia rolled out a range of high end smartphones that were specially designed to run the open source Maemo Linux operating system. Well, it is time to roll back the years with the Neo900, where it will come with a similar look and feel of the now defunct Nokia N900, albeit sporting a more updated processor, additional RAM, apart from the ability to run a wide range of software that will include Maemo, Android, and perhaps even Ubuntu or Firefox OS.

The entire goal of the Neo900 is to offer a truly open platform, without making use of any proprietary binary blobs. That ought to make it relatively easy for you to port new operating systems in order to have it run on the device. However, do make no mistake about it – it is crystal clear that the Neo900 was specially designed in order to be a successor to the Nokia N900, sporting a rather similar case form factor apart from other bits and pieces of its hardware. Of course, if you were to take the Neo900’s hardware specifications into consideration for today’s standards, it does look rather dated, but that is to be expected since it needs to run on an operating system which was meant for a 4-year old device.

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