netflix-silverlight-html5Netflix certainly seems to be growing from strength to strength, as the company’s results for the third quarter have been announced (PDF Link), and in one of the more notable numbers that investors would like to look at would be the total number of US subscribers – which will include trial accounts, by the way. The magical number that has made many investors happy this time around would be 29.93 million, which happens to outstrip HBO’s last count of 28.7 million. This is definitely an upward trend, especially when you take into consideration how last year at the same time, Netflix reported 25.1 million US customers, which included trial subscribers.

Having already overtaken HBO’s US customer base in April this year, it has also experienced growth internationally, touching 9.19 million subscribers with the hope of adding another three million customers more for the next quarter. There is the new original series Orange is the New Black which has been touted to be a hit, although viewing statistics remain a secret with Netflix, but they have said that the show will end the year “as our most watched original series ever.” How far do you think a company like Netflix will eventually grow to? The push in modern day technology has certainly helped it become a more viable entertainment choice.

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