netflix-my-listWord on the street has it that Netflix is currently in negotiating with US cable providers in order to deliver its online streaming video service in the form of an app via the users’ set-top boxes, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Should this particular deal go through, it would mean that Netflix has scored a major victory, which does show that it has been sensitive to the ever changing user habits when it comes to viewing trends.

This particular report does seem to jive worldwide, since a month or so back, a somewhat similar deal was also announced over in the UK with cable operator Virgin Media. This particular agreement would enable some of Virgin Media’s 3.8 million customers to perform a search for Netflix shows over on the same on-screen guide that was used to look up cable TV programs. Netflix plays it smart, having positioned themselves as a far more affordable option compared to cable TV for viewers who want the convenience of on-demand television, and it also offered a way for cable providers prevent losing additional like-minded customers to Netflix. A win-win situation, one might say.

If you reside in a country where Netflix has a presence, just how much money do you allocate each month to take advantage of what they have to offer?

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