personal-neuroPersonal Neuro Devices Inc., who happens to be a developer of mobile neuro applications, has just introduced Neuronauts. Now, Neuronauts is touted to be the first ever mobile multiplayer game that will be powered by neurofeedback. It is free to play via Google Play, and this fast-paced race game will merge the classic look and feel of 1950s science fiction alongside modern and exciting gameplay. You will be able to control both the speed and actions of your space ships using the power of your minds. This will complement the touch and tilt controls, as it relies on a process known as neurofeedback, where a Bluetooth headset will pick up on your neural activity.


Neuronauts will feature a trio of gameplay modes: Solo, Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer. The Online Multiplayer mode happens to be a mobile gaming pioneer, where you sign in to a Google account before being matched up to the next available opponent. Competing brain to brain with someone else in the world, this marks the first time such a thing has happened for a neuro app.

Regardless of the modes, players will go head-to-head in a two-minute race, hoping to edge one another out for the high score. Apart from that, you can also pick up powerups in order to boost your speed and their score.

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