Nikon-FXCamera companies such as Nikon and Canon have released both full-frame and non-full frame cameras in the past, although with the focus starting to shift towards more compact cameras with full-frame sensors, such as Sony’s recently announced A7 and A7r cameras, and with the rumours suggesting that Nikon could be exploring a similar device as well, we guess it’s not too surprising that Nikon Germany has announced that they will start to focus on full-frame cameras and will be launching a dedicated website soon.

According to the press release, “Nikon puts in Germany the full-frame imaging in the focus and concentrates trade and communication activities on its strong portfolio of powerful FX cameras. Driven by the demand of an ever wider audience has increased significantly over the past year, the share of FX full-frame segment in the overall market for digital SLR cameras. The company wants to exploit the existing growth potential in this segment even more and increase the fascination for the full-frame imaging on.” We’re not sure why Nikon’s Germany operations was chosen for this role given that Nikon operates globally, but it will be interesting to see the fruits of their efforts.

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