wii-u-domainNintendo has in the past been pretty adamant about not creating games for other platforms, namely mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Basically what this creates is a sense of exclusivity which we guess would benefit the hardware sales of Nintendo products, although given the recent figures of Wii U sales it does not appear to be working out for them. Well the good news is that Nintendo has since stated that they plan to start creating more cross-platform games that will provide functionality with other consoles from different manufacturers, although not exactly in the way you might have thought.

According to a Nintendo representative, “We can confirm that cross-platform functionality is possible in certain titles that play on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as other video game systems not made by Nintendo […] We are committed to helping developers realise the full potential of their software on Nintendo systems.” While this is hardly considered developing titles for other platforms, we guess it’s a start, with an example being an upcoming title by Ripstone called Pure Chess where Wii U gamers can pit their skills against someone playing a different console, such as on iOS or Android, or the Nintendo 3DS. Presumably mobile gamers would love to see titles such as Mario or Zelda eventually arrive on their devices, but for now we guess this will have to do.

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