nvidia-shield-review-003Earlier this year, NVIDIA took the wraps off their Android-powered handheld gaming console which was known as SHIELD. The device had a lot of promise and we actually enjoyed it a lot during our review of the product, but if you were hoping that some of the specs could be different, or if you were hoping for a different design, you might not have to wait too long because come 2014, we could be looking at the SHIELD’s successor, which presumably could be known as the SHIELD 2. This is according to an interview that Engadget did with NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang.

When talking about NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra chip which has been codenamed Project Logan (also known as Tegra 5), Huang was quoted as saying, “We should expect a new Shield whenever there’s a new Tegra and we create a new Tegra every year.” Assuming that his statement will be taking effect starting with Project Logan, it seems that 2014 is when we can look forward to a new SHIELD handheld gaming console. It is an interesting move by NVIDIA because while mobile phones and tablets are typically refreshed on an annual basis, gaming consoles aren’t, so we will have to wait and see if NVIDIA’s strategy of an annual refresh will work out for them.

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