opencubeFor those of you out there who would like to own a 3D printer in your very home, but are currently mulling over just which particular model should you decide to purchase, the Opencube Scoovo C170 3D Printer might just prove to be a decent choice if you are currently residing in Japan. This is right now a small scale desktop device that intends to see Opencube find new paths in a growing market, where the Opencube Scoovo C170 3D Printer would retail for nearly $2,000 a pop on retail store shelves as well as online sources.

It remains to be seen whether the Japanese would want to pick up this particular 3D printer or not as the society does have a fair amount of disposable income, but for those who have decided to take the plunge, the Opencube Scoovo C170 3D Printer will feature a 404mm × 376mm × 333mm printing area that allows one’s imagination to roll out whatever they will through flash-melting and additively applying polylactide.

Will the Opencube Scoovo C170 3D printer be able to make it big? Only time will tell, and whether it will be able to expand its wings to other markets or not is also yet another mystery to be solved.

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