gta-3dWhile the Grand Theft Auto franchise might have had its popularity explode when it went 3D with Grand Theft Auto 3, we’re not sure how many gamers actually remember what the game used to look like back in the day where it was presented as a top-down game in 2D. It did not have the best graphics at that time, but its gameplay more than made up for it. In any case one of the creators of the first Grand Theft Auto, Michael Dailly, has decided to remake Liberty City in 3D.

Unfortunately this is not a remake of the game itself, but rather a reimagining of Liberty City from a 3D perspective. Dailly used GameMaker: Studio which is made by his current employer, YoYo Games, and instead of being a playable map, it would be more like a tour of Liberty City in 3D. At this point in time, Dailly has not decided what he plans to do with the 3D version of Liberty City, although adding gameplay will probably not be happening anytime soon, possibly due to copyright reasons we’re assuming. In any case if you’re a little nostalgic and want to see Dailly’s progress, hit up his Twitter account where he will be posting updates.

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