ostrich-pillow-lightWhen the Ostrich Pillow was first brought to our attention all those years ago, who would have thought that this particular conceptual idea would one day be realized and turned into an actual product thanks to the help of Kickstarter? Kickstarter also has a role to play this time around with the Ostrich Pillow Light, where it allows one to catch forty winks while you are traveling instead of dozing it out on your desk.

Many of us tend to commute by bus and train each day, and for busy business-folk, some of them even jet set around pretty often. Most of these hours tend to be wasted unless you have a good book to read, or if your portable device happens to have a fair amount of battery life so that you can indulge in your favorite game for hours on end. However, I believe that most of us would more than welcome a nice nap, which is where this Ostrich Pillow Light comes in handy, letting you catch some sleep. Filled with special silent silicon coated micro-beads, it enhances sound reduction without the bulk, and can be adjusted to cater to different head sizes.

The Ostrich Pillow Light has already picked up the required amount of money to be realized, so we look forward to real world applications of it when we travel the next time. [Kickstarter Page]

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