Do you remember Google’s Project Loon, where it is said to be able to deliver 10Mbps connectivity even for those who happen to live in the most remote areas of the world? Well, it seems that an antenna prototype of Google’s Project Loon plan has been shown off on a YouTube video that you can view above, and it is definitely an impressive bit of technology. According to lead network engineer Cyrus Behroozi, users need not have to fret over poor connectivity issues because of the constant movement of the balloon antenna.

Behroozi continued, “The antenna actually has to have more sensitivity off to an angle then it does straight up. That results in uniform signal strength no matter where the balloon is overhead.” Behroozi does admit that the prototype still has some ways to go in perfecting its performance, and it remains to be seen whether the future Loon antennas will resemble anything close to what has been depicted on the video. Still, the cost of implemented such a project worldwide is going to be staggering, and it is a good thing that Google’s profits in previous quarters have been nothing short of encouraging to be able to fund such an idea.

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