Those who are anxiously awaiting the release of the PlayStation 4 were certainly in for a surprise last week after Sony announced the console would require a launch day patch in order for a number of the console’s key features to function properly. The patch would allow Remote Play, the PlayStation App, multiple log-ins and recording and sharing your gameplay screenshots or video to function among other things and is expected to weigh in at a not-so-hefty 300MB. Thankfully, it’s being reported that 300MB patch won’t require you to sit staring at a progress bar as the patch can be downloaded in the background.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the patch can be downloaded in the background through his Twitter account, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your launch games like Killzone: Shadow Fall while your PlayStation 4 downloads the 300MB patch. Since we know the PlayStation Network servers will get absolutely hammered the day the PlayStation 4 releases, having the ability to download the patch in the background is one we’re sure many of you will appreciate. Although, don’t go expecting the ability to play any multiplayer games prior to installing the patch as that’s one of the many features it’ll activate once it’s installed.

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