ps4-headset-patchRolling out a new piece of hardware does have its fair share of challenges from time to time. After all, there rarely has been a 100% smooth launch, and I guess you can say the same for the upcoming Sony PS4 next generation gaming console which will hit the US sometime later next month. For those who were wondering whether they could save some money by making use of your PlayStation Pulse headset with the Sony PS4 at launch, you might be in for a downer at the moment.

Sony claims that the PlayStation Pulse headset will not be compatible with the PS4 at launch, not at least until there is a system update sometime down the road. Of course, who are we to say that this will not happen between now and November, right? Perhaps some smart aleck over at Sony will have stumbled upon a method to make those two compatible with one another during this window period. Do bear in mind, however, that any headset that relies on a TOSlink cable in order to feed audio data, which means majority of the headsets that cost more than $100, ought to be able to function without missing a beat. I don’t think that this is going to stop folks from purchasing the PS4 in the first place anyways.

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