robotenaRobots are meant to help humanity in their very own way, which is a good thing. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that robots do not gain that kind of self awareness that would enslave us all, just like all those apocalyptic scenarios that we have seen in science fiction movies. Well, here is a robot that knows the value of a life. Robotena, as “she” is called, is a nurse robot that is capable of moving the injured away from snipers on the streets of Syria. After all, it makes perfect sense. Anyone who wants to help someone who has been shot in the street by a sniper would run the risk of being shot him or herself, so why not send out a robot? Unless the sniper knows of the Robotena’s weak points, wasting bullets on a hunk of metal with the risk of revealing one’s position could be too much.

Ahmad Heidar hopes his invention of Robotena will be able to ensure that help will reach those injured in such vile attacks. Heldar said, “The brother of one of my students got shot in the leg. It was such a memorable moment.” It a few minutes, a fatal shot to the neck had killed him, while another half an hour was required to remove the body away from the sniper’s threat. It does start to sound as though the military might want to dip their fingers into the Robotena first though.

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