abfirends-halloweenThere will be a new update for Bad Piggies, which will be known as Tusk ‘til Dawn, where zombie pigs has started to roam around, where we will see 30 spooky new levels introduced with scary Zombie Pigs searching for King Pig’s candy. Apart from that, this particular game will also feature a remix of Rovio’s official Halloween 2013 song, Shuffle & Spawn by Major Lazer. Those who love to pick up trivia, you will be able to find the original song in Angry Birds Friends.

To take a small detour, those who love vinyl will be in for a treat – and not a trick. Shuffle & Spawn has been released as an ultra limited edition picture vinyl, where it will include the original Major Lazer remix as well as a FOX remix. What do you think of the seasonal changes introduced into the Angry Birds franchise? It definitely brings around a nice touch for sure, but how much longer can this novelty last? Is it not time for Rovio to move on from the phenomenal success of the Angry Birds franchise and make sure that they will have another blockbuster up their sleeves in the near future for the masses? [Press Release]

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