lawsuitLicensing deals are confidential in nature as how one company negotiates their licensing deal will differ from another company. This is to prevent competitors from gaining an unfair advantage over them amongst other reasons, but it turns out that an Apple-Nokia licensing deal might have managed to make its hands into the hands of Samsung employees, which were then used to unfairly negotiate a deal between Samsung and Nokia. This is what Nokia’s Intellectual Property Officer, Paul Melin, alleged when he claims that Samsung executive, Dr. Seungho Ahn, used the knowledge obtained from the leaked document to gain an unfair advantage during their negotiations.

The document was meant to be seen only by outside counsel and not by Samsung themselves. As to how Samsung employees managed to get their hands on the information remains a question of whether it was intentional on the part of Samsung’s outside counsel, or if it was a genuine mistake. The report sent to Samsung should have been redacted due to the inclusion of “attorney’s eyes only”, but for some reason it was not. The document was then uploaded onto an FTP server which was accessible by Samsung personnel. As it stands, both Apple and Nokia are requesting sanctions, with the hearing between Apple and Samsung pegged for a 22nd of October date.

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