samsung-digital-villageSamsung Electronics is not all about profit, as they too, have a sense of corporate social responsibility, which is why they have decided to roll out their very first Digital Villages initiative in the continent of South Africa. This initiative’s mission is to integrate African communities’ hospitals, schools, lighting systems and energy infrastructure using solar power. The entire project will deliver comprehensive support to improve health standards, bolster education opportunities and increase the potential for people to lead economically independent lives.

There are several key components in the Digital Village to make it work, where the resulting synergy would be a community benefitting from of health, education and employment aspects. For instance, the Solar Powered Tele-Medical Center is highly mobile, and yet it comes with video conference facilities so that patients who are treated in remote regions can hook up with general hospitals in cities, allowing diagnosis and prescription advice to be shared in real-time.

As for the Solar Powered Health Center, it happens to be a center on wheels, coming in the form of a large truck which delivers provides medical services to local residents in a Digital Village as well as other nearby areas. It will be well equipped with the relevant tools required for the treatment of eye, ear and dental complications, in addition to a state-of-the-art blood analysis machine for on-the-spot diagnosis. Oh, what would David Livingstone do if he had such equipment during his time!

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