skype-iphone-video-messagingIf you have ever used Skype on multiple devices, you are probably acutely aware of how frustrating and annoying it is to have to wait for older messages to load and play catchup, especially if you have not used it on a different device for a long period of time. This is especially painfully slow for mobile devices, but thankfully Skype is hoping to change all of that in the future. The team at Skype has announced on their blog that they are working on improving the Skype experience and one of the ways they are doing that is by introducing a more reliable and efficient way to sync messages across platforms.

According to the Skype team, these changes are expected to begin rolling out across various Skype clients in the upcoming months, so those who use Skype often might be able to notice the difference in the foreseeable future. Not only can users expect their messages to be synced, but missed call notifications as well, just in case you received one on your home computer but it does not show up at your work computer and etc. There will be a host of new features and improvements that Skype will be making over time, so if you’d like to learn more, hit up Skype’s blog for the details, but in the meantime who else is looking forward to better syncing across devices? I know I am!

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