sony-xperia-z1-review-21Charging your smartphone or tablet is something that is the norm, and while wireless charging does away with the need for cables, the fact that it requires close proximity and that it takes just as long as wired charging, if not longer, has relegated the feature to something of a novelty status, but what if wireless charging had the ability to full charge your smartphone in just an hour? Well according to report from Nikkei, that’s exactly what Sony’s been working on. The report stated that Sony is working on a wireless charging system that is able to use twice the rate of electricity supplied by current chargers, and because of that, smartphone users should be able to fully charge their devices in just an hour.

This information comes from specifications finalized by the Wireless Power Consortium which hints at the charger being a wireless one as well. Of course we expect there are some concerns, such as if it is able to charge so fast, won’t it get extremely hot and potentially explode? While that would normally be the case, Rohm has developed control chips which would then be integrated into the charger and smartphone which is expected to keep heat generation down to acceptable levels. Assuming all of this is true and it works out, it is expected that this technology will make its way into Sony devices come 2014.

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