There’s nothing worse than getting into a really great television series to have to miss an episode due to having to attend a wedding or some other big major moment in your life. What makes the experience even worse is we all have those friends who just can’t keep their yap shut about the latest episode of a show, even though you told them a million times not to publish spoilers on social networks you follow them on. Now that the Spoiler Shield is around, you won’t have to end your friendship over them spoiling the ending to Breaking Bad.

Spoiler Shield is a social media browser application that helps block unwanted spoilers from your social network feeds. The application currently works with Twitter and Facebook and requires you to log into your respective accounts in order to use the service. Once you’re logged in, Spoiler Shield will ask you to choose from a list of TV programs and sports teams, which it will then automatically filter out that content based on relevant keywords.

Spoiler Shield is currently available on iOS, although the developers behind the application plan on making an Android app available in the future. Hopefully it’ll be soon since The Walking Dead is getting really good lately.

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