After years of playing multiple The Legend of Zelda games, we’re sure there are many sights and sounds that you’re probably familiar with without even realizing it. One sound that we’re sure you’ll never forget is the sound you hear when you open a treasure chest in any The Legend of Zelda game as you can’t help but get excited over what you just stumbled onto. If you want to enjoy that sound over and over again, you could always head to YouTube, although it certainly isn’t the same if you don’t have a treasure chest to open. Now you can get the full experience now that a life-sized musical treasure chest is available.

Etsy seller BygonesandPowerUps has a life-sized The Legend of Zelda treasure chest available for $150. The chest is completely made out of wood and is approximately 5.75 inches deep when opened, which includes the triforce emblem sprayed onto the inside portion of the treasure chest lid. The outside of the chest looks exactly what you’d expect a treasure chest to look like from The Legend of Zelda, although the added bonus of the chest playing the iconic fanfare is one we’re sure you’re not going to want to pass up.

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