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Tim Cook Sued Over iOS 7 Automatic Updates

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Apple has significantly redesigned the system in iOS 7. Basically the iOS 7 install file, which weighs up to 1GB or more, is automatically downloaded on a compatible device and the user is prompted to install said update whenever the device is restarted. The redesign of iOS 7 automatic updates has bothered a California resident so much so that he has decided sue Apple CEO Tim Cook in a small claims court. The suit is titled Mark David Menacher vs. Tim Cook and has been filed in California Superior Court’s San Diego County branch.

The iOS 7 install file is downloaded automatically when the device is plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi network, however users have to grant permission before the update can be installed. Menacher seeks a way to delete automatically downloaded update files from an iOS device as well as $50 in remuneration. Since users can’t delete the files right now, they end up losing 1GB or more of the valuable onboard storage, and this has irked many iOS 6 users. Menacher says that in relation to iOS 7, Apple’s disregard for customer preferences is “corporate thuggery.” He even goes on to make a comparison between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, saying that the former pushed employees to make customers happy, whereas Cook apparently “cultivates a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction in pursuit of corporate profits.” Both Apple, or Tim Cook in his personal capacity, haven’t commented on this lawsuit as yet.

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