bieberA 33-year old man who goes by the name of Tony Sheldon, can be said to be a whole lot more hardcore compared to the rest of the “Beliebers” out there. Basically, he was willing to spend nearly $100,000 over the course of the past five years on plastic surgery alone in order to look more and more like his idol, Justin Bieber himself. What you see above is Sheldon after all the surgeries performed on him in order to make him look as though he was the 19-year old Canadian superstar.

Just what did close to $100,000 get him so far? He has had his fair share of Botox injections over the years in addition to hair transplants, not to mention a rather expensive “smile surgery” that was intended to make his smile resemble Bieber’s, or so that is what multiple reports have claimed. Sheldon shared, “It’s Justin’s smile that gives him his youthful look. So I had my upper lip lifted [and] my bottom lip plumped out.” How many ways do you think that you will be able to spend $100,000?

Something tells me that Sheldon is still single, and unless he has a white Ferrari in his garage, chances are he will not get that many groupies as his idol.

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