twitter-windows-phone-7Heads up Windows Phone users, if you’re using Twitter heavily on your Windows Phone device, you might want to delete the app or turn it off ASAP because according to reports, it seems that Twitter for Windows Phone is eating up way more data than expected. This is not a bug or a flaw on Microsoft’s part, but rather a change to Twitter’s backend which basically causes the app to frequently re-download profile images. In fact during tests performed to see just how much data is actually consumed, it was found that it was possible for users to hit up to 3GB of data in a week which may very well exceed the data caps of most users.

In order to fix this problem, or at least do their part to prevent Windows Phone users from going over their data cap, Microsoft has made a change to Twitter accounts where they will sync only once a day. This is hardly a permanent solution and we’re guessing that this will be up to Twitter to fix it on their side of things which Microsoft thinks should take a couple of weeks. In the meantime like we said, if you use Twitter on your Windows Phone device, you will either have to remove the app, unlike your Twitter account from your device, unless you are on an unlimited data plan which we guess won’t really matter. For those who aren’t, the steps mentioned above are advisable especially if you’re not a fan of bill shock!

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