If you’re a regular user of Twitter, then you’re probably well aware the only way anyone can send you a direct message is if you happen to be following them as well. This leaves many private communications between Twitter users being made public if one user happens to not follow the other one. It looks like Twitter will be shaking things up a bit they’ll be giving its users the option to allow their followers to send them a direct message without needing to follow them back.

The new Twitter setting is slowly being rolled out this week and can be access through a user’s settings. Those who are interested in giving their followers the power to send them a direct message at any time just need to head over to their user settings, find the “Receive direct messages from any user” check box, and click it to see what their followers have been dying to tell them privately.

If you decide to allow any Twitter user to send you a direct message, we hope you don’t experience too much spam as we’re sure this option will be used for evil way before it’ll be used for any sort of good. Either way, you should already know how to ban and report spammers by now and we encourage you to continue to do so if you receive spam direct messages.

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