Valve announced its Steam Controller late last month, leaving many gamers everywhere scratching their heads on how exactly the input device would work considering its unique layout. Valve is aware of the Internet’s confusion, and as a result, has published a video showing off how its Steam Controller will work once it’s released.


The video demonstrates how the Steam Controller can be used with a number of games, including Portal 2, Civilization V, CounterStrike Source and Papers, Please. Through each demo, the Valve engineer does a pretty good job showing off how well the Steam Controller works across these games, showing how it’ll work with Legacy games, or games that haven’t been optimized to use the Steam Controller, and titles that have been fine tuned to work with it.

As you’d expect from the looks of the controller, the two large pads will act as the the controller’s input. The left pad will replace the keyboard’s “WASD” control scheme, while the right pad will replace the mouse as the aiming or pointing device. Tapping on the right pad will often input a mouse click, unless it’s a first-person shooter, which the controller’s triggers will then come into play.

At this time, Valve has announced when its Steam Controller will be made available, but we believe it’ll be available some time in 2014.

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