verizon-signSometimes when a company makes an error on its website when it comes to purchasing an item, they can choose to either honor it (gaining them a ton of praise and fans in the process), or choose to not honor it, which gets them a lot of flack and accusations of being greedy in the process. Well in the case of Verizon, it looks like this time round the carrier has decided to honor a glitch on its website which basically gave its customers unlimited data who were looking to upgrade their device, while at the same time keeping the subsidies on the phone which looks like a win-win situation for customers who managed to get in on this before the glitch was discovered.

As it stands customers looking to upgrade their devices will no longer be able to get unlimited data, although given that the opportunity was only a 6 hour window, we guess not many managed to take advantage of it. Unlimited data plans, at least for post-paid contracts, are no longer offered by some carriers. It was back in 2011 that Verizon announced that they would no longer be offering unlimited data, so if anything this kind of feels nostalgic!

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