achievementThe Xbox One from Microsoft is about to be launched near the end of next month, which means we are more or less one month away from its official release – at least in the US. Hence, it would be great if we could get our hands on all stuff that has to do with the next generation game console, right? For those of you out there who have been wondering about how the notification for unlocking an Xbox One achievement would look like, fret not. The screen capture that you see above depicts it all.

Apparently, it does feel as though the notification itself has already shrunk in terms of size from the Xbox 360, where it will now carry a green two-tone background, which will be flashed up with the the name of the corresponding achievement as well as its Gamerscore value. Similar to the Xbox 360, Microsoft ensures that there is a sense of continuity, as players will continue to be able to find out more details concerning this recently unlocked achievement simply by pushing the Xbox button. Do you like what you see so far? A more minimalist approach definitely paves the way for a cleaner overall ‘look’, don’t you think so? Hopefully it will resonate well across gamers of the new Xbox One.

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