xcom-ewXCOM: Enemy Unknown happened to be one of the better games to roll out in 2012, where it took off with a new lease of life to pay homage to the first XCOM: Enemy Unknown that was released on the PC platform all those years ago when a 486DX2-66 was the bomb. In that title, you played the role of a commander of the counter-extraterrestrial agency XCOM, and had to make difficult decisions on macro and micro levels.


Well, if you could not get enough of that title, we have already read about how XCOM: Enemy Within has been confirmed sometime in the middle of this year, and this particular expansion of the original game will see a slew of new maps, new equipment, new aliens, a mechanized soldier class, and new genemods which are able to turn your regular human troops into superhuman killing machines.

According to Ananda Gupta, XCOM: Enemy Within will be an expansion to last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and on the PS3 platform, gamers will be able to enjoy the whole XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the entire DLC which was released for that title, as well as all the new stuff that will arrive with Enemy Within, in the Commander’s Edition. Good things certainly come to those who wait, don’t they?

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