yahoo-ad-shareIt has been over a year since Marissa Mayer became the CEO at Yahoo, but her dynamic leadership has not managed to bring a permanent boost to the company as its revenues and profits still remain down, never mind that Ms. Mayer has not stopped purchasing other start-ups that she figured out would be essential to make sure that Yahoo has a strong future ahead. In fact, during the previous quarter, Yahoo picked up a total of eight start-ups, including Xobni, an e-mail service, and Bignoggins, a programming house that does fantasy sports mobile apps, in addition to rolling out 15 new product updates.


Ms. Mayer claimed that the slew of products unveiled and acquired resulted in a 20 percent increase in Yahoo’s traffic, which actually touched the 800 million monthly user mark in September, which was the first reversal in Yahoo’s traffic decline in a couple of years. The growth, of course, did not take Tumblr into consideration, even though Yahoo picked up the service sometime last May.

Unfortunately, Yahoo, a company that used to be the biggest seller of display ads, has ceded its share of the display advertising market for years. This particular market share is tipped to drop to 7.7% from a 8.6% market share last year, whereas Google and Facebook’s share of the market is said to grow and touch 17.4% and 17%, respectively.

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