3D Printed Guns Go Full Metal

3d-printed-metal-gun3D printers can be quite a menace if one were to make use of it the wrong way, and one of the ways would be to print out parts of a gun and assembling them together. We did hear of a Liberator pistol that was smuggled into the Israeli parliament sometime in the middle of this year, and then there was also the Grizzly which is a 3D-printed rifle. This time around, there is a third 3D-printed gun which has been spotted, but it comes with an added advantage. It has been printed entirely out of metal, with the design being a copy of a classic 1911 model.

Solid Concepts (what a name, eh?) is the company behind the new 3D printed gun. Similar to the creators of the Liberator, Solid Concepts too, are based in Texas, and they wanted to showcase to the rest of the world that it is possible to print out metal 3D objects which are able to stand up to the pressures of everyday use. Apart from that, Solid Concepts does own a federal firearms license, which means they have not randomly settled on printing a gun, either. At this point in time, the 3D-printed metal gun was constructed using a laser sintering process which was capable of shaping tougher metals such as stainless steel. It is not something that you can do at home using desktop 3D printing technology, so hobbyists are unable to replicate such a weapon in the comfort of your home. So far, the gun has already successfully been fired for 50 times without having it fail.

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