Let us face the facts – the world today is not as forgiving or as friendly as it was all those years ago when our grandparents were wee kids, running around the neighborhood without a care in the world. Crime was basically unheard of then, and a murder was a big deal. Well, kidnapping cases have been on the rise over the decades, so what can a parent do on his or her side to make sure that their little ones remain accountable at all times? We are pleased to report that the Amber Alert GPS is now available to AT&T customers for $129.99 a pop.

The Amber Alert GPS happens to be a communication and location device which will be able to assist parents when it comes to keeping in touch with their children. From November 22nd onward, those who want to pick it up from AT&T online will be able to do so. The Amber Alert GPS comes across as a smart GPS locator, where it boasts of two-way calling and unlimited voice on AT&T’s wireless network, so that parents will be able to know where their little ones are all the time, for as little as $10 monthly. After all, what price would you place on for peace of mind? [Press Release]

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