HT3302--iphone_5--muliPhone users who are looking to trade-in their old iPhone but have their liquid contact indicator activated will be pleased to learn that this will not affect the value of their phone as Apple has recently relaxed the rules. Previously when customers were looking to trade-in an iPhone as part of Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program, if the liquid contact indicator had been activated, the phone would be worthless, at least as far as Apple was concerned, and you wouldn’t be able to trade it in for a newer model.

However now Apple has relaxed the rules and will accept devices that have its liquid contact indicator activated, as long as the components of the phone haven’t been corroded, and as long as there is no liquid under the display. There are times when the contact can be activated by sweat alone, especially if you run with the device in your hand or are perspiring really hard. Technically the contact would be activated but since the liquid hasn’t actually damaged the device, it could still be worth something. Of course we expect that Apple will be quite thorough during their inspections, but for those who have been turned away before, perhaps you might want to try your luck again.

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