iphone-5s-review-007When it comes to smartphone platforms, without a doubt Android is the clear winner and is very obviously dominating the market with a pretty huge slice of the pie. However when broken down into companies and different OEMs, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and etc., comScore reports that as far as smartphone OEMs in the US are concerned, Apple is leading the pack and according to their findings, Apple sits at 40.6% of the US market share in September, with Samsung taking second place with 24.9%.

The numbers have also revealed that Samsung is beating the Android competition by a huge margin, with third place being HTC with a market share of 7.1%, followed by Motorola at 6.8%, and finally LG at 6.6% (no word on Sony). Like we said when it comes to smartphone platform market share, Android is the clear winner and comScore’s numbers prove it. In September 2013, Android’s market share is at 51.8% in the US, followed by Apple’s iOS at 40.6%, and with BlackBerry at 3.8%, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform in fourth place with 3.3%, and lastly Symbian at 0.3%.

The distance between BlackBerry and Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android is pretty huge and we have to wonder how long it will take before they catchup, but what do you guys think? Do these numbers seem about right to you?

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